Calcium as a Supplement

Magnesium in the combined format forms an effective combination which elevates the well being of an individual significantly. Whilst calcium is extremely powerful in terms of enhancing heath, it is worth almost nothing with out adding magnesium. Calcium in liquid form is more effective compared to the tablet selection.

Because liquid calcium is water based, it is virtually 100 % available to be absorbed through the body. This undermines what a lot of people have been led to believe in years gone by. The truth of the matter is the fact that as few as 25% of capsule structured calcium is utilized by the human body.

Calcium as a supplement

(Perhaps) Most of Us Are Receiving Less Calcium

Protein rich food including meat cause calcium to be lost through the urine. Calcium that is acquired from food and the capsule form of calcium are inadequately consumed. This indicates that the majority of individuals are receiving much less calcium than they would probably like to think is the case. As liquid ionic calcium is water based, it is absorbed right away. This guarantees the body the correct level of calcium.

For those factors, it is impossible to get the ideal calcium required for the body. This should make it even more reason for you to use calcium in liquid format instead of pill format.

The digestive system benefits greatly from liquid calcium magnesium. It is fantastic for the alleviation of constipation, indigestion as well as heartburn. It benefits the digestive system in other ways too and for best results, it must be taken after eating.

The production of milk in lactating women is increased by the consumption of calcium. Contractions during labor are also facilitated by calcium. Some other advantages are that nerve impulses are regulated and using calcium helps the clotting of blood.

Calcium Deficiency Results in Ostoporosis

It’s a well-known fact that insufficient levels of calcium result in osteoporosis. Calcium insufficiency has terrible consequences for children as it could cause rickets in children. More importantly in adults, it causes softening of the bony tissue. This is known as osteomalacia.

It’s been further reported that high blood pressure levels as well as cancer of the colon are also related to insufficient levels of calcium.

You can identify deficiencies in calcium in the body by the presence of prickling and or numbness surrounding the mouth and the tips of the fingers. Calcium deficient individuals will likely experience unpleasant aches and muscle spasms.

Lack of calcium can be a contributing component to being obese. Additionally, it may slow down the entire process of losing excess weight. It is often exposed that when one eats too little the body stores all it can, as it does not understand when next it will likely be fed. The same procedure occurs when the body is starved of calcium.

There’s a hormone in the body known as calcitriol. This has the ability to constrict the arteries. Calcium is responsible for this hormone. Because of this process, people with high blood pressure will observe a drop in their blood pressure when ingesting optimum amounts of calcium. Consuming calcium also shields the nervous system and also the heart.

The body is outfitted to make vitamins but the same can’t be said concerning minerals. For top-level wellness, the body demands adequate if not plentiful amounts of food-grade minerals, particularly calcium. It has been noted that the best source of minerals are Japanese based pure ionic coral minerals.

It is sourced from once living coral that has been harvested from the bottom of the ocean. It comes in the format of natural mineral powder. The coral is given the whole range of sun-radiated minerals from the ocean water. This yields massive amounts of trace minerals, magnesium and calcium which are extremely ionized.

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