Cellucor P6 Red Review – Is It Really Worth All The Hype?

Cellucor P6 Red – When Cellucor launched the P6 Red, there was a lot of hype and talk surrounding it, with half the people praising its effectiveness while the other half labeling it as nothing special. You still can’t walk into a GNC store without seeing the product placed prominently in prime locations and lucrative deals thrown your way.

It comes in a shiny package, the company has marketed the hell out of it but let’s get to the bottom line – is it really worth all the hype? Does it deliver on the promises it makes?

What is Cellucor P6 Red?

Currently in its 4th generation, P6 is a product that essentially promises a boost in testosterone, inhibits the formation of estrogen as well as the formation of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which is known to cause male pattern baldness.

cellucor P6 red

It is a well known fact that high levels of testosterone play an important part in making a man strong, help with lean muscle development, while also bringing about an increase in energy as well as libido health.

P6, in a nutshell, aids in speeding up the natural production of testosterone while blocking estrogen (which is the female equivalent of testosterone) production, which famously causes the dreaded phenomenon of man breasts.

In the latest version they have also added in Ashwagandha, which helps boost muscle size, strength as well as testosterone production and saw palmetto that improves prostate health. The product also lists as ingredients, ovine placenta powder, tribulus alatus extract, stinging nettle root extract and sclareolide, all of which are geared towards enhanced testosterone production.

A big concern many people have with Cellucor P6 Red is that it contains magnesium stearate, which is known to suppress T cells, but it has to be remembered that it does only when taken in high quantities. Cellucor’s P6 however contains trace amounts that are unlikely to cause adverse effects.

Who should take Cellucor P6?

Needless to say, this supplement is geared towards people who work out regularly and are keen to increase lean muscle mass and strength. This is absolutely not for those who just want to boost their testosterone levels while sitting on a couch.

High levels of testosterone make the difference between finishing that final rep when you’re ready to give up and repping it out with flair. Cellucor P6 is meant to provide just that precise boost to your body.

Pros of Cellucor P6 Red

Unlike many other supplements that claim to provide a testosterone boost, the P6 does not rely on a single ingredient. In fact it contains a cocktail of 9 different ingredients, all of which have been proven to have naturally testosterone boosting properties.

These 9 ingredients work together to provide a very powerful package. It’s even better that this list of ingredients contains a whole bunch of natural herbs like the Ashwagandha.

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Another big advantage of this supplement is that it blocks estrogen production, which is an ailment that has long plagued many testosterone boosting products on the market. Besides it boosts your libido, which in every which way is an advantage.

Cellucor P6 Red also reduces the formation of the DHT molecule, which greatly reduces the risk of balding as a result of taking this supplement.

The cons

The biggest criticism of the Cellucor P6 Red from experts is that while it is made up of great ingredients, the company does not mention the percentage of each ingredient that the supplement comprises of.

Instead, Cellucor merely refers to it as a ‘blend’ of various ingredients that we have spoken of above. What proportions these ingredients are used in, is anybody’s guess.

While this may not overtly concern a regular person who works out frequently, to an advanced bodybuilder, this may matter a lot.

Side effects

There is no supplement on the market that is completely devoid of side effects and the P6 Red is no different. There are three main side effects that users have reported from the usage of this supplement.

A dry mouth with a need to drink water regularly, a gassy stomach and excessive sweating. These side effects usually occur in the first week of taking the supplement and flatulence is the most common one of them all.

With that being said, these side effects do not hinder the effectiveness of P6 as plenty of users have experienced many positive effects from taking this supplement.

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As always, if you are on medication or suffer from a heart problem, then you must consult your doctor first before buying this supplement.


Is Cellucor P6 Red the best testosterone booster on the market? Probably not. Does it do what it claims to do? Yes it does. In the end, whether you should buy it or not, depends on your budget and the goals that you are trying to accomplish.