Cobra Labs The Ripper Review

If you need a fat-loss product, look no further than this one. Cobra Labs The Ripper is one of the best supplements you can find on the market, reputable for being hosted on websites such as Amazon, Bodybuilding, and many others!

You may have come across this drink through the previously mentioned websites, or through the reviews posted about the product on forums and social media groups. It’s our turn to do the same, except we’re going to get in a lot more detail about the product.

cobra labs the ripper

Through this review, we’re going to present you an analysis about the product, in addition to a few facts and information regarding its use.

What exactly is Cobra Labs The Ripper?

A company by the name Cobra Labs actually owns this product. This product has been released by the company since the year 2015, making it fairly recent. It is also somewhat different traditional products, since it is flavored with exotic tastes, including, Razor Lime, Pineapple Shred and Mango Slice, vitamins and minerals are a staple in this product, like with many others.

Cobra Labs The Ripper

As for popularity, people perceive as quite good, regardless of the awkward looks of the container (skull-shaped). You’d think those would usually be on poisonous products, ha-ha.

In addition to encouraging fat burn, Cobra Labs The Ripper claims two additional features that aid fitness. Those would be fueling muscle growth, and suppressing appetite.

If you think about it, those 2 features actually aid fat-loss immensely. Appetite suppression means eating less, therefore having to rely more in fats. Muscle growth means that more calories are needed to sustain them (in addition to building them). As such, you may assume that the fat-loss is aided by 3 angles of development in total.

Of course, The Ripper isn’t the only product on the market designed to work in this manner, as there are many others. But for a product that has only been out on the markets for 1-2 years, it seems to be doing fairly well. We suspect this to be for marketing reasons though.

What You Need To Know

The Ripper is made up of products that enhance energy, especial those related to mental activity, as you shall see from the following list:

  • Acetyl l-carnitine
  • olive leaf
  • green tea and green coffee extracts
  • caffeine
  • raspberry ketone
  • Taurine
  • Beta-alanine.

Because of the strong mix of energy boosting chemicals in the supplement, only 1 scoop is recommended per day, during morning times. This is drank with a single cup of water.

Cobra Labs The Ripper Basic Minerals and Vitamins

  • Vitamin C which can aid with combatting cortisol (stress hormone), cortisol being a primary killer of testosterone.
  • Vitamin B12, and Vitamin B5) for metabolic improvement where your absorption capacity is improved.
  • Chromium which is a well-known fat-burner and a good product for balancing your blood sugar levels.

Of course, The Ripper, like many other products, come in multiple blends. One of those would be

  • Extreme Muscle Fuel Blend: This variant of The Ripper focuses more on improving energy, than on fat loss. This is done the caffeine enhancing nutrients within in the blend such as Guarana, in addition to the raspberry ketones which are excellent for converting fat to muscle. The energy boost here is slow, where the amount of caffeine in the powder isn’t as intense as you expect, to help you operate properly for the rest of the day.
  • The Ripper Shred Matrix fat burning is the focus of this variant. While there are similar products in here as the previous variant, there are difference in amount and blend, where here, you burn fat at the cost of energy spikes through the day. Additionally, coffee bean extract is a staple for this variant, which we highly recommend for use, especially considering its recent popularity as a fat-burner through the US.

Using the supplement properly

As mentioned before, the recommended dose is 1 scoop with ¼ liter of water. The water must be cold, and this is to be done on an empty stomach. The aim here is to gauge your tolerance to the product, as your metabolism may be highly reactive to it (this is done for the first few days). Never exceed 2 servings per 24 hour time period. If you need a 2nd serving, you can take it after 6 hours from the 1st one.


Considering how recent the product has been released at the time of writing this article, reviews may not be common. Regardless, those reviews are actually quote positive, testifying to the product’s ability to do well in a very short period of time.

Cobra Labs The Ripper Taste

We’ve mentioned before that this product provides exotic flavors for the supplement. While we aren’t big fans of flavors (since we see supplementation as for nutrition more than anything else), we may assume that you care about taste. As such, we’ll present some reviews below.

Reviews for the product’s taste have generally been OK. There’s a mix between positive and negative. Examples include:

  • “Bought the razor lime, and can’t handle the taste. Yuck. This stuff is not for me.”
  • “Tastes good. But I didn’t see changes in my weight and this is with diet and exercise.”

Taste is really up to your… personal tastes.

Cobra Labs The Ripper Side Effects

Experiencing sensory overload is not uncommon for such products. Shakes and jitters may be common from just one scoop (it attests for how powerful the product is). If your nervous system is quite sensitive of such things, then we suggest avoidance.

Pregnant and nursing mothers, anyone under 18 years of age, and those who are having medical problems and taking medications are to avoid this product. This is actually stated on the container, if you ever purchase one. It should also be avoided by those sensitive to caffeine and beta-alanine.

Cobra Labs The Ripper Review Summary

To sum up, we can call the product passable. Here is a weigh of pros and cons for that…


  • Non-synthetic materials.
  • Weight loss guaranteed.
  • MASSIVELY boosts energy.
  • Has good reviews (a lot), regardless of it being new on the markets.


  • Limited info.
  • Ingredient portions not stated.
  • Heavy side effects due to excessive stimulation of the content.

That’s it for the review of Cobra Labs the Ripper. It wasn’t long, we’re aware of that. But there’s not much we can do when the manufacturers aren’t giving us the ingredient amounts, right?