iForce Nutrition Dexaprine XRS Review: Does It Work?

iForce Nutrition Dexaprine XRS – Have you started thinking that now it is not possible to lose extra fat? You may have not got details regarding the latest fat buster supplements, if you think so. The weight loss is not a big deal nowadays as it used to be in the past. The supplement market is filled with a large number of weight loss supplements that offer support of different ingredients to burn stored fat, control your eating habits and lose body weight fast.

The iForce Nutrition Dexaprine XRS is a new product introduced by iForce. The manufacturer is calling it a miracle fat loss supplement and promoting it as the best weight loss supplement launched till the date. Is it a great choice or only an ordinary weight loss product, you can explore the facts in this review.

How does iForce Nutrition Dexaprine XRS work?

The performance of Dexaprine XRS matches with several other weight loss supplements. It works as a hunger suppressant product. It boosts your energy levels and offers a positive mindset to achieve the difficult goal of fit personality. This supplement offers a unique blend of supplements to achieve the weight loss target.

iForce Nutrition Dexaprine XRS

It has powerful ingredients with the capacity of reducing fat faster than its rival products. It is proven in the clinical studies that Dexaprine XRS has all the ingredients in an ideal percentage to boost-up the fat burning process and prevent all possible side-effects.

Key ingredients

Any weight loss supplement can offer positive results, if it comprises high-quality ingredients. iForce Nutrition Dexaprine XRS includes those ingredients that your body requires to shred stored fat and turn it into energy. All the key ingredients of this product are explained below with their functions.

Rauwolfia Serpentine

This ingredient is also known as Rauwolscine. It offers increased quantity of an indole alkaloid that prevents increased release of alpha receptors in the user’s body. The ultimate task of this ingredient is shredding stored fat from your body and utilizing those fat cells to produce power. You experience a quick boost in energy levels and experience rapid weight loss.

Citrus Aurantium

It is a Chinese medicine that is mixed in many fat buster supplements to improve their weight loss benefits. This ingredient offers a great quantity of synephrine that is quite essential for boosting metabolic process.

This agent breaks down eaten meals and extracts vital nutrients from the eaten meal to utilize them in all the essential bodily functions. Excessive intake of synephrine can be harmful for the user. Dexaprine XRS offers an ideal percentage of this agent to utilize it of positive health effects.

Green tea extracts

All the organic fat buster supplements use green tea as a key ingredient. This natural ingredient is essential for better mood and better metabolic process. Dexaprine has an ample amount of green tea extracts that can boost up the weight loss process.

Acacia Rigidula Extract

This ingredient stimulates the pituitary gland for larger production of epinephrine, which is an important fat buster hormone. If the levels of epinephrine hormone will increase in your body, the beta receptors perform their job more effectively. Consequently, you will feel full all the time and do not eat excessively to store more fat.

Isopropyloctopamine (Betaphrine)

The breakdown of stored fat depends on how effective the lipolytic functions. If it performs slowly, your body will take more time to shred stored fat. The researchers have found in studies that Isopropyloctopamine improves the lipolytic functions and help the user in shredding more fat. That’s why this ingredient is a vital compound mixed in the Dexaprine supplement.

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All of these ingredients are mentioned in an ideal quantity to prevent adverse effects of excessive intake. You can trust the unique weight loss formula offered by Dexaprine XRS to lose body weight quickly.

Things to avoid during the intake of Dexaprine XRS

You should take one capsule before the breakfast daily to experience quick benefits. One capsule per day would be enough to shred stored fat quickly. The manufacturer has also offered guidance for what you should not do to avoid adverse effects.

According to the manufacturer, you should never take this supplement with caffeinated products. You should never consume more than 2 capsules within 24 hours and never take the capsules before going to bed. It will be great if you take it at-least 6 hours before going to bed.

Dexaprine XRS Pros and cons


  • Attacks stored fat.
  • Keeps the user focused and alert whole day.
  • Cures stress and depression issues.
  • Prevents excessive eating habit.


  • Anxiety, heart palpitations and nausea are a few side effects of taking this supplement.
  • Some users may also experience urination related issues.


There is no need to say that iForce Nutrition Dexaprine XRS offers a new approach to lose weight. It has a unique blend of ingredients that offers some great weight loss benefits. You can try it for weight loss, if you can manage with a few normal side-effects.

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