MusclePharm Assault Pre-Workout Powder Review

MusclePharm Assault – If you are an athlete like me, your trainer might have insisted the importance of pre-workout formulas. Yes, when I asked my dietician, he suggested that these formulas should be a staple in the diet of an athlete. Regardless of whether you are a professional lifter or a newbie, these supplements are sure to take your workout sessions to a whole new level.

Can you believe that besides bringing about an improvement in your strength and stamina, these supplements can play a major role in improving your mental focus? Yes, they will also help with boosting your physical performance by warding off fatigue. Furthermore, to help you with quick recovery after a long workout session, some of these formulas contain amino acids and even fat burning ingredients.

Introducing MusclePharm Assault

If you are an ardent athlete looking for ways to improve your strength and stamina like me, you might have already come across the name MusclePharm. This brand has recently launched a new version of the most popular Assault formula in the year 2016.

musclepharm assault preworkout

The one important thing and also the nice thing I wish to share here is that MusclePharm has finally disclosed the dosages of their ingredients in MusclePharm Assault Energy + Strength supplement. The better and the most important thing to notice here is that it is a no-proprietary blend formula.

A breakdown of ingredients

I generally recommend my friends, who look for the best pre-workout supplements to carefully look in to the label to see the ingredients and more importantly there should not be any filler. This is followed in MusclePharm Assault, thereby making it safe.

7 main ingredients

There are 7 main ingredients that you can find when you see the label of this product. These are ingredients that can be found in most pre-workout supplements. But, the question is getting the fundamentals right and according to my review the MusclePharm Assault is halfway and cannot be stated to be an excellent product.

Enhanced focus and concentration

This product contains B-complex vitamins and this vitamin is known for its ability to improve concentration and focus. Just a single serving can provide more than 500 percent of daily recommended limit of Vitamin C and nearly 133 percent of the recommended dosage of Vitamin E. These nutrients can jointly contribute towards your optimum health for sure.

MusclePharm Assault – Any Side-Effects?

This is something that generally I look for when I try any pre-workout supplement. Here too I looked for side-effects. From my review, I found that there is nothing particularly radical. This means that there are no health risks or dangers unless you go beyond the recommended dosage of MusclePharm Assault.

But, the thing to remember here is that this product has a relatively high level of caffeine, which is at 250 mg, means equal to two plus cups of coffee. This ingredient can lead to insomnia and jitters in some individuals and particularly for individuals, who are not used to caffeine. Also, this is something that can be risky of women under 60 Kg of weight.

My suggestion is that if you are a lightweight individual, you can try a 2/3rd to half scoop of MusclePharm Assault initially. If you are an individual, who is totally new to supplements like this, it is better to give at least 24 hours of a gap from one dosage to another to just give a waiting period to see any changes in your body.

How about the results and side-effects?

This product has shown decent results and from the experience of my friends and myself, here are certain things that we wish to share the results of this product:

Easy to use

One of my friends stated that this product is highly easier to use as compared to many such supplements available in the market. The reason is that he has used many such products and has shared his thought about the boring mixing and kneading tasks. But, as far as MusclePharm Assault is concerned, all you have to do is to just mix a scoop of the powder with 8-12 ounces of water.

Just consume it half-an-hour or 20 minutes before beginning your workout sessions. If you are a beginner, you can just start with half a scoop. This product will bring you closer to the goals as I experienced it for myself. It provided a whole lot of strength and energy for me to engage in intense training sessions. On the flip side, it does not contain any nitric oxide or focus boosters. This means that it will not bring you the pumps that you look for before your workout sessions.

It is true that it contains caffeine and vitamin B, but the stimulant effect according to my experience can be even better and smoother. There are some pre-workout supplements that include Alpha GPC to give better pumps apart from caffeine.

What are the available flavors?

The MusclePharm Assault comes in four different flavors. Some of my friends tried all those four namely; green apple, strawberry ice, blue raspberry and fruit punch. Most of them also consider that the strawberry ice flavor just easily gets dissolved in water without requiring any mixing the kneading works. They also loved the taste of this flavor to a great extent. My vote is also for this flavor and I simply loved the taste.


My opinion is that this product brings together some strength enhancers and classic energy supplements in the market. MusclePharm Assault is a product that does its work correctly and I am satisfied with the pricing as well. Even though there are many similar supplements in the market that are better than this formula, you can opt for this product if you are highly concerned about the quality like me.

By Daniel Liskey

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