MusclePharm CLA Core – There are many people in the quest of an effective weight loss supplement. People want to lose fat as soon as possible, but no one wants to become a weak person. People often follow a diet plan to restrict the intake of sugary products and carbohydrates.

Such diets lead people towards better fitness, but sometimes people follow their diet too much. Weakness, lack of energy and lack of stamina are a few disadvantages of such weight loss diets. In addition, people also lose a chance of regaining an ideal shape of their body.

People should find a way through which they can lose weight without losing their muscles. The MusclePharm’s CLA is a top rated weight loss supplement that boosts weight loss process, but it never affects your muscles. Let’s explore more details on this supplement in our review.

How Does MusclePharm CLA Core Work?

The manufacturer claims that CLA is a great support for those, who do not want to develop lean muscles and yet want to lose the weight. It is a weight loss supplement that aids for better performance of the metabolic system. You can burn more calories per day, if your metabolic system will perform better.

Musclepharm CLA Core fat loss

The MusclePharm CLA Core promotes better workability of the metabolic system so that ideal fat cells can be used for producing energy. However, only the intake of the supplement would not be enough for losing extra weight. You will have to do some exercises and you will also need to control your diet.

The MusclePharm brand is famous for its bodybuilding products. This brand has mainly introduced bodybuilding products and its CLA is also called a great aid for maintaining the natural strength and the shape of the muscles. The company is excessively promoting CLA as a great weight loss supplement and a great cholesterol level controller. Though, only the regular user can tell what is true and what a false claim is.

Key Ingredients of MusclePharm CLA Core

MusclePharm CLA Core offers an innovative blend of three health-promoting ingredients. CLA or conjugated Linoleic Acid is the first ingredient, which is quite famous nowadays for its weight loss benefits. The famous weight loss expert Dr. Oz has recommended people that they should use CLA to speed up the fat buster process. This ingredient is an effective fat shedder, but it never causes leanness of the muscles. In other words, it is an effective cure for fatness.

Virgin Olive Oil is the second main ingredient in this weight loss supplement. This ingredient is called beneficial for increasing the levels of healthy blood sugar and managing cholesterol. Virgin olive oil also offers a great support against irritating inflammation and it supplies a high dose of anti-oxidants for a healthy physique.

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Avocado oil is mixed as the third main ingredient in this supplement. It offers the most beneficial anti-oxidant that offers better blood vessel integrity. This ingredient is also beneficial for healthy skin and hairs. All in all, MusclePharm CLA Core has everything that your body needs to speed up the weight loss process and prevent leanness of the muscles.

How to take it?

You should take MusclePharm CLA’s one capsule with each meal. You can consult with your doctor for better intake suggestions. You should never take more than two capsules in a day otherwise complications may occur.

It is recommended by the manufacturer that you should consult with your doctor regarding the intake of this supplement, if you are already taking another supplement or drug. This will help you in avoiding the chances of side-effects and health issues.

Does this supplement work according to company’s claims?

We have gone through several customer reviews and found that many users are not happy. Yes, we have endorsed several claims and suggestions of the brand, but many customers are not happy with the performance of this supplement. People have reported several kinds of side-effects after using this product. You must know about those issues before buying this product.

MusclePharm CLA Core Pros and Cons

The health benefits of taking MusclePharm CLA Core and health risks of consuming this product are listed below.


  • A number of health experts have suggested CLA for weight loss.
  • MusclePharm is a reliable supplement producing brand, which is endorsing the benefits of CLA.
  • This supplement is more affordable in comparison to other weight loss supplements.
  • You can get a discount, if you buy more than a bottle.


  • No clinical study backs the claims of MusclePharm Company.
  • Many users have reported side-effects after taking this supplement.
  • Only the intake of CLA would not be enough to lose weight.
  • You will have to follow a strict low-fat diet program to get optimal benefits.


MusclePharm CLA Core belongs to a reputable supplement producing brand. However, only the brand name can’t help you in losing extra weight. You can lose weight and maintain healthy muscles only if you follow the way of taking this supplement.

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